Our prices are typically much lower than our competitors.

AADM's "green" virtual offices allow us to keep our overhead low, reduce our carbon footprint and pass those savings on to you. You aren't paying for our offices and you aren't paying for our energy usage. Our advanced virtual office technologies allow us to collaborate and work as a unified team without the need for expensive and wasteful office space; costs that our competitors pass on to their clients. Combine this with the vast cost saving eLearning inherently has over traditional teaching methods and you'll quickly see why AADM can save you a fortune in training costs. Use our eLearning Project Cost Estimator to see just how much.



For more than ten years AADM has been an eLearning pioneer.

Because of the advancement of broadband technology, eLearning has become an effective, and cost efficient way to train your employees.
AADM's unique fusion of hi-tech and high-quality instructional design enables us to reduce your costs and better educate your staff.




Not only does AADM save you money, it reduces your training carbon footprint. Every time you drive, fly and keep your classrooms lighted, warm and cool, you emit carbon dioxide, trapping heat in the atmosphere. Be part of the solution , lower your costs and offset your carbon emissions by using AADM's eLearning software.