AADM eLearning consultants are a group of diverse, seasoned, world class eLearning and technologies experts.

Since 1992, AADM has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 clients located throughout the country.

In 1992 Adam & Patrice Marturana founded AADM with a singular vision. To provide top-notch, technical talent at a fair price by offering transparent employment policies discounted by low administrative overhead.


A diverse workforce.

AADM is a female-owned company which celebrates diversity in our work force.

A transparent policy of billing & compensation.

Most consulting companies hide their employees' billing rates from them. Indeed, they ask you to hide it from them as well. This leads to an all-around dishonest relationship which breeds discontent and mistrust in all parties. AADM's policy is one of 100% transparency, and openness with all parties involved.