Educationally & Technologically sound, custom eLearning solutions at the right price

Custom eLearning from AADM is more than gee-wiz technology with "cool" graphics. It's highly effective, motivational training delivered to learners at their point of need. Our eLearning software won't stress out your learners and it won't stress out your IT infrastructure either. We deliver the right solutions at the right price and leave the gee-wiz where it belongs, in Hollywood.  
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Try our eLearning Project Cost EstimatorEstimate your eLearning project cost on-line

AADM is the only eLearning software provider in the industry willing to put our prices online. That's how sure we are that they simply cannot be beat. Our unique corporate structure and extremely low overhead allows us to simply offer the highest quality and lowest cost eLearning software in the industry. Prove it to yourself. Use our AADM eLearning Project Cost Estimator to give you an idea right away what your eLearning project might cost should you choose AADM to help you build it. The tool is free for you to use as much as you like. We hope that once you do and compare it to our competitors' pricing you will contact us for a more comprehensive evaluation of your eLearning needs.
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Go green with your training while lowering your training cost and increasing your productivity. Try our CO2 Pollution Calculator

eLearning is not only the best way to train your employees, it's the greenest way. Using eLearning from AAADM means fewer plane rides, car rentals, taxi fares, training rooms and fewer trees expended on three-inch thick training manuals (which seem to be de rigueur for in-person training sessions). Our high-quality, "take anywhere" training software is custom designed with your employeesâ™ work environment in mind. Whether a computer-based, mobile or audio solution best fits your needs, AADM is your best choice.